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Impact of COVID-19 on Nevada County Real Estate

Wow. The world has changed so much in the past month. We hope that you’re reading this somewhere safe and comfortable, and that you and your loved ones are healthy and have what you need on hand. 

Here is the how COVID-19 has impacted the Nevada County real estate industry so far, as of April 2020, as well as our thoughts on this unprecedented situation we are all in. 

We definitely think that what the real estate market was doing leading up to this is suddenly fairly irrelevant. It wouldn’t be helpful to share data of what homes sold for in the past few months, because we are in a completely different context now. 

While we are certainly feeling the economic impact of this time, both personally and on a global scale, we do not yet know the full extent of how severe this impact will be and what the effects and aftermath will look like. We do know that data coming in from across the state reveals a decline in new listings, pending sales, and closed sales in March.

We want you to know that we value our health and the health of our families, clients, and community, and we will not take any risks just for the sake of business. Our intention during this time is to stay connected with our clients (digitally, and respecting all social distancing protocols as needed) and to share valuable information as things unfold.

We’ve been closely monitoring all updates from our local, state, and federal boards. Here is an excerpt from the latest guidance we received from The Nevada County Association of REALTORS:

“The County of Nevada recognizes the designation of the real estate industry as an essential industry. Per the directive of our Public Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler, no open houses are allowed, nor is the scheduling of sequential showings. However, remote/virtual showings are encouraged.”

We would like you to know that we are still here to support you to the best of our ability during this time, and please feel free to reach out to us if we can help somehow.