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What’s Happening to Grass Valley Homes for Sale in 2023

With everything going on in the world, making good life decisions means having accurate information. Is it a good time to sell a home in Grass Valley? Is it a smart time to buy one? Let’s take a closer look at what is happening in the local real estate market.

Market Update on Grass Valley Homes for Sale (updated April 13, 2023):

As of this update, there are 85 single family homes for sale in Grass Valley, down from 122 in November. We saw 38 new listings come on the market in Feb/March while only 28 homes for sale went pending and 72 sold. We will continue to watch our local market as it wobbles.

The median days on market was up to 58! Sellers need to price more aggressively to compete. Median sell price dropped once again to $470k, down from $576k just over a year ago.

Just next door, check out the the Nevada City real estate market.

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Thinking of buying?

Signing up allows you to save property searches and get notified when new listings come on that match your search criteria. Feel free to reach out to us to arrange viewings of Grass Valley homes for sale.

A note for buyers: It is especially important to have your proof of funds and preapproval from a lender ready to go! This is absolutely the first step in the buying process, now more than ever. Buyers who have everything ready to go will be in a position to view property and make offers the moment something comes on that suits their needs.

Thinking of selling?

Finding accurate real time info can be tricky when it comes to real estate, because the data is often released weeks later. It takes time for homes to go pending and for sales to close, so there’s a lag before the general public knows the statistics. 

In the meantime, sellers trying to decide whether or not it’s a good time to list a Grass Valley home for sale either have to rely on their instincts, or speculative news articles, or the opinion of a broker. (And one of the first forms you sign in California when listing a home for sale is the Market Conditions Advisory, which discloses the reality that no one really knows what the market is going to do!)

We provide local home sellers with real time data so that they can decide if it’s a good time to list their homes for sale in Grass Valley. That means knowing the competition and what sort of market time to expect.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn what your home may be worth, and to talk about listing your Grass Valley home for sale.


Dec/ 2022 – Jan 2023: 73 single family homes for sale, down from 122 in November. 31 new listings, 41 went pending

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