Nevada County Cannabis Properties

Nevada County cannabis properties for sale

Well folks, the times are changing! In 2019 the Nevada County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance implementing new marijuana grow rules in our neck of the woods. The ordinance affects what type of real estate would be suitable for cannabis cultivation. Among the many factors to consider are minimum acreage requirements, setbacks, the size of the canopy and processing areas, etc. We can help you find the right Nevada County cannabis properties.

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Here are some useful links to learn about cannabis cultivation in Nevada County, CA:

Nevada County’s Website on Cannabis Cultivation, Permit, Ordinance, and Public Hearing information, etc
Great info direct from the county! A good place to start your research on buying Nevada County cannabis property to grow marijuana.

Nevada County Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance
Important details about zoning regulations and land use that apply when considering whether or not a property in Nevada County is suitable for growing marijuana.

Cannabis Compliance in Nevada County
More useful information from Nevada County on compliance and enforcement for those thinking of buying real estate for cannabis cultivation.

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance
Local advocacy group working to build bridges between the cannabis industry and our local government and community.

FAQ about Cannabis Cultivation in Nevada County
Researching if a property is suitable cultivating marijuana means understanding all the details, such as setbacks, environmental health requirements, etc. Here’s a good place to find answers pertaining to potential Nevada County cannabis properties.