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Magdalena Halford, REALTOR®
Magdalena Halford, REALTOR®

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How does buying or selling a property fit into your overall goals and vision for your life?

My focus is on how I can best support my clients, to help them succeed and make the journey as easy as possible.

Organized and detail-oriented, I have extensive experience in project management, client relations, and events. I navigate challenging puzzles in real time, and understand the needs of all parties involved, even if they are sometimes conflicting. I’m experienced in coordinating multiple elements, logistics, and interests to achieve desired outcomes under strict contractual deadlines.

Prior to being a Nevada County broker and project manager, I worked at the Center for Ethics at Harvard University where I supported events, research, and created promotional materials. I also ran an online business where I designed successful listings that described and highlighted the products. The experience I gained during those ventures helps me create powerful listings to market and sell homes today.

Magdalena Anna Halford, Broker
DRE# 01888248
(530) 740-2686

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