Things to Know Before Buying or Selling Real Estate Free Webinar

3 Things to Know Before Buying or Selling Real Estate

Back in 2011, we were renting a 600 square foot place in town. In a few short years, we went from having that tiny space and just a little savings to building our dream home in the mountains of California! The best part is that our mortgage is affordable and we have almost no utility payments. Our property also supports our personal goals of resiliency and sustainability with solar panels and land for growing our own food.

Here are the secrets to our success. With over 20 years of experience (between the 2 of us) buying and selling real estate and supporting clients with their goals, we know what it takes to make good decisions. We’ve condensed what we think are the most important aspects into a short video webinar. In less than ten minutes, you’ll learn what factors matter the most when thinking about buying or selling real estate, in any market.

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